Precision Duo Contour Pots


Stacked compact with cream and powder contour for a natural, lifted look.

How to use

Get ready to Shape, Set, Seal!

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Get ready to Shape, Set, Seal!


There’s no need to be a MUA to contour like a PRO. Before foundation, using your fingers or beauty sponge, apply the cream contour in gentle patting motions to the areas you wish to shape and sculpt, such as your cheekbones, on your temples, along your hairline, down the sides of your nose and along your jawline. We like to keep our contour light and fresh to LIFT and not hollow the structure of your gorgeous face!


Once you’ve shaped — apply your foundation or tinted moisturiser using your beauty sponge in pressing motions. The cream contour will pull through your foundation for a stunning ‘under-painted’ effect.


Sweep the powder finisher across the areas you have cream-contoured for an ultimate seamless finish. Get ready to re-awaken your contour for the most natural-looking, soft-focus finish yet.

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