With holiday season approaching us very quickly (too quickly), at ICONIC HQ we were starting to feel unenthusiastic about the ‘same old, same old’ party makeup trends that seem to circulate every year. You know, that same smoky eye that you try to replicate from a celebrity pic, maybe add a little glitter?

 But never fear beauties, we just knew our latest product wouldn’t be the Christmas party pooper! It’s also the perfect cool-girl nod to the 80s and 90s.

 Introducing the most blinding eye pots that you need in your life - Chrome Flash! It is the perfect fine, metallic frost within a jelly formula. Swipe on Chrome Flash for stunning foiled pigment that adds a touch of luxe to your makeup look.

 With this product it’s really all about the reflective foiled texture, so you can play with the colour intensity and turn it up from soft and subtle to bold and vibrant.

Champagne-toned shimmer to add a golden sparkle
Tip: Compliments green & hazel eyes

Marvellous mauve for a touch of shimmer

Tip: Makes brown eyes pop
Pearly pink that adds a rosy tint
Tip: Compliments brown eyes

Gorgeous grey for a soft, smoky eye
Tip: Makes blue eyes pop

Perfect purple for a rich glow
Tip: Compliments blue & grey eyes


Metallic Inner corners - a strategically placed dab of metallic highlight on the inner corner of the eyes can instantly brighten the area. Team with In the Nude shadow from our Day to Slay palette for an understated pop!


Full Foil – use your finger to swipe Chrome Flash over your lid for full impact, liquid metal!